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Top 10 Classifieds WordPress Themes of 2014

You might have seen the websites where they have the option to enable the user for signups, and make money. But, you would have wondered how you can create such sites via classified wordpress theme. The best way to earn from this site is the classifieds site, where you can[...]

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dating theme wordpress

Top 3 Dating Theme WordPress of 2014

Online dating websites are on hike nowadays where the people get connected with their dream partners, chat with them, they try to know about them, then they get married to each other. Not, all does marriage, but some find their life partners easily. With best dating themes for WordPress, it[...]

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wordpress deal theme

10+ Top Daily Deals WordPress themes of 2014

Have you heard about the daily deals WordPress theme? Daily deals website is the place where you get the daily deals or the coupons from the various users under one roof. No one will be interested to pay higher if they are getting the deals and the coupons online. This[...]

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wordpress business theme

125+ Best WordPress Business Themes of 2014

There are many websites which are powered by WordPress. Even many company showcase their work or service they provide through websites to reach clients from various countries. WordPress isn’t just used for blogging purpose but it’s used for building professional websites. If you’re looking to open business website then you[...]

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best blogging wordpress themes

90+ Best Blog Premium WordPress Themes of 2014

As we all know WordPress is the best and free blogging platform. But, for blogging you must need the beautiful theme that match up perfectly with the niche of your website. Here, is the list of best premium blogging themes that will match up perfectly with your blog. These themes[...]

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wordpress ecommerce theme

35+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes of 2014

WordPress is the versatile yet powerful platform to build the eCommerce sites. You can build a feature packed, powerful, and enterprise type ecommerce site using WordPress. To give it the best look you need the responsive WordPress eCommerce theme. Here, I have mentioned the best WordPress ecommerce themes which will[...]

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Wordpress Basics

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Steps to Import and Export WordPress Posts, Users, Media and Links

Importing and exporting WordPress content is one of the operations which many bloggers don’t get to perform during their careers, because they got a good hosting service provider from the first attempt. However, if you are relatively new to the blogging scene, then it is very likely that you are[...]